Mexican Molletes recipe

Alright, here’s a great little mollete recipe for you to try out (and fall in love with!) Inside Mexico, molletes are made using bolillos that you slice lengthwise and then top with a layer of frijoles and then some chihuahua cheese. It is then grilled in an oven until the cheese melts.

The Mexican molletes are almost always served with sides of Mexican salsa and/or pico de gallo to further enhance the deliciousness! And sometimes, you’ll also see molletes from Mexico topped with chorizo meat, sliced up authentic Mexican molletes topped with pico de gallo Mexican salsaham, bacon, and even mushrooms, but the salsas are more common in my experience, as well as that of my Mexican chef friends, here.

The molletes dish is considered one of the more filling but easy-to-prepare Mexican breakfast recipes. It’s common for either the mother or father in a Mexican family to make this dish on Sundays for the whole family; as this is very much considered a family breakfast recipe in central Mexico.

cooked molletes from Mexico

Oddly enough, some of the best molletes I’ve ever tasted were the ones they serve at Sanborns and at VIPS, two Mexican chain restaurants that serve SUPER delicious molletes breakfasts! Anyway, enough chatter. This authentic Mexican recipe for molletes is going to mimmic the delicious ones I’ve found in those Mexican restaurants. Here we go:

Cook Time: 1 hour

Ingredients (Servings 6):

6 bolillos (a type of savory, crunchy crust Mexican bread that’s soft inside)
1 cup of black or pinto refried beans (the beans need to be on the sweeter side, not bitter or heavy)
1 cup of shredded manchego or mozzarella cheese–I prefer Oaxaca, if you can find it where you live

salsa Mexicana (pico de gallo)
salsa roja de molcajete

Cooking Directions:

Slice the bolillos in half, lengthwise.

Warm up your beans/cook your beans, and spread a couple tablespoons on the white side of each piece of your bread.

Cover each with shredded chihuahua cheese and be generous in your portions.

Set them up one by one in an oven tray, with the cheese side facing up.

Heat up oven at 250F. Once hot, insert the tray and bake the molletes until cheese has completely melted: should take about 10 to 15 min, but check them because the bread can burn and the cheese can become crispy if you overdo it. Molletes are normally baked until the top layer of cheese has melted and begun to bubble, and the edges of the bread roll have become slightly golden brown in color.

While the molletes are baking, prepare your Mexican salsas to go with it.

When ready, remove the molletes from your oven baked molletes from Mexican cuisineand serve one bolillo per person and garnish with pico de gallo and a little bit of salsa de molcajete to taste.

And then enjoy! This authentic Mexican molletes recipe makes one of the easiest Mexican breakfast recipes dishes I’ve seen in a while, so it’s simple if you have an oven and a bit of time on your hands, and you’re eager to learn your next delicious authentic Mexican recipe 😉 Provecho! -Carlos Lima

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Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipe: Salsa Roja de Molcajete (Handmade Mexican Red Salsa)

This is a classic version of the authentic Mexican salsa recipe known as salsa roja de molcajete. For the gringos, this is Mexican red salsa you make by using a molcajete (aka: a pestle and mortar.) You can prepare this salsa using a modern blender, but using the molcajete yields a different flavor that many seasoned authentic Mexican recipe lovers prefer, and that has a bit more texture. So you can make this same salsa these two different ways, and each method of preparation results in a different flavor of salsa roja! Here’s how to make this super popular salsa using a molcajete:

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for this Mexican salsa recipe:authentic Mexican salsa recipe ingredients for this salsa roja made using the molcajete

5 chiles serranos
5 ripe tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1 teaspoon salt

Cooking Directions for molcajete salsa roja:

First off, you can see how this salsa is made by watching this great little video on YouTube. Bonus points if you understand spanish!…

Using a comal or a flat iron pan, grill the chiles and the tomatoes for about 8 minutes or until they are tender. Make sure you flip them around once in a while so they don’t burn. When done, peel the tomatoes removing the black skin

In a molcajete, mash the garlic and chiles. Once those are fully mashed, add the tomatoes and smash them thoroughly, add salt, and stir and mix it all together. Serve it right in the molcajete or in a salsera (a salsa bowl).

cooked salsa roja in the molcajete bowl

This Mexican salsa recipe is super simple to make and salsa roja is served all over the pace in Mexico. Almost every single taco stand you visit will serve some variation of this red salsa!

As for recommendations on other authentic Mexican recipes to pair this Mexican salsa recipe with, salsa roja always goes great with carne asada tacos, tacos de carnitas, fajitas, black beans molletes, and really a pile of other traditional Mexican dishes… seriously, there are too many to list here! But this salsa roja is great with any Mexican quesadilla or any meat taco where you want to add some delicious extra flavor!

One thing to keep in mind: if you can make this salsa and then let it sit for upwards of a day, it’s going to taste better than if you devour it straight after making it. The extra time allows for the ingredients to interact with each other for a while and marinate and really bring out the flavors a lot better, so if you’re going to follow this authentic Mexican salsa roja recipe to the letter, you’ll let the salsa sit for at least a few hours before serving it. So try it out–I think you’ll love it!–and check back here again very soon for the next addition to the authentic Mexican recipes blog! -Carlos

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