Mexican Salsa Recipe: Salsa Verde

Today I’ve got a classic authentic Mexican salsa recipe for you: salsa verde.  Salsas comprise a prominent corner of authentic Mexican recipes and are commonly used in tacos and many other Mexican dishes to add flavor and enhance the quality of the taste, not just to add heat and make you feel like el diablo himself is sticking a fork in your tongue.  So again, salsa recipes in Mexico are used with the intention of layering flavor in a recipe, and the chiles and peppers that are used contribute to the texture and overall unity of the flavors in Mexican cuisine appear here, in this authentic salsa verde recipe.

Mexican Salsa recipe

In Mexico, salsa verde (or “green salsa”) is typically thought of as a mild salsa that’s used to add flavor to taco recipes, a delicious fajita recipe, or a dish of any kind that needs that little extra something.  Salsa verde is typically thought of as less spicy than it’s “sister salsa”, salsa roja (red salsa), but this is not an absolute rule; if you’re at a street stand with a salsa bar and you’re deciding which salsa to slather on your plate of traditional Mexican food, use your finger or a spoon to actually sample the salsas instead of simply judging by color and pouring on what might turn out to be a salsa very different from the one you were expecting–trust me on this one: you’re mouth and taste buds will thank you!  Sometimes street food vendors whip up a potent jalapeño salsa that looks similar to the much milder salsa verde and it’s not fun discovering that with the back of your throat.

Cooking easy Mexican salsa recipe like this is simple and fast, so salsa verde is a good little recipe to make if you’re just starting to cook authentic Mexican recipes and learning about the country’s foodscape.  With that in mind, here we go:


(serves 8 hungry people eating tacos in one sitting, but likely will last you longer to serve with the leftovers of your other cooked authentic Mexican recipes for another day…)

250g of tomatillos
2 garlic cloves
1/4 medium size onion
4 jalapeño peppers
3 branches of cilantro
salt and pepper
clean water


1. Using a pot on a stove with just enough water to cover the ingredients, cover and boil the tomatillos, roughly chopped garlic, roughly chopped onion, and roughly chopped jalapeños on medium heat.  I say “roughly” chopped because you don’t need to dice these up; you can leave them in fairly big chunks.

2. Once boiled, carefully pour that into a blender so that only about 1 cup of the water is added to the rest of the ingredients, then add the cilantro branches, and then blend on your blender’s slowest setting.

3. Finish by adding a few dashes of salt, followed by a little black pepper, and stir that around manually with a spoon, then pour it into a salsa bowl and serve!

Real Mexican cuisine is full of easy Mexican salsa recipes like this, and what’s great is that even though they’re a snap to prepare, they taste amazing.

Click around to discover some other of our authentic Mexican recipes like this one, including salsa verde’s sister: salsa roja.  Have fun, and happy cooking!  -Carlos Lima

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