Mexican Breakfast: Authentic Huevos Rancheros recipe

Mexico’s authentic huevos rancheros recipe has been a permanent fixture on Mexican breakfast menus and Mexican families’ dinner tables for a long time.  This classic breakfast dish of fried eggs served atop fried corn tortillas, dressed with salsa, avocado, often a few other naturally tasty ingredients, and served with a side of refried beans, has been one of Mexico’s flagship authentic breakfast recipes for many generations now.

I am told it it’s tradition for Mexican families to get together on weekends and have everybody help out making the Mexican huevos rancheros recipe, sort of like an unofficial weekly Mexican family day on Sundays.  This dish is said to mimic the eggs served in rural Mexico on farms, resembling a throwback to simpler days of simpler food made from entirely natural ingredients.  Even so, you’ll still find Mexican chain restaurants like Vips and El Porton serving their variations of the recipe, each seemingly still deciding how to make  the traditional huevos rancheros recipe, if you travel into the interior.

Traditional Mexican huevos rancheros is a very simple dish that is easily made with basic ingredients you’ll find in any Mexican household: eggs, tortillas, salsa roja, avocado, and often queso fresco (fresh cheese).  Without further ado, let me remind you that the quality of your result with this recipe depends largely on the quality of the ingredients you use, so make sure you buy and use them fresh!  Here we go:

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients (serves 4):

8 eggs

8 corn tortillas – a must to make this an authentic Mexican recipe; if you can only find flour tortillas, they’ll work, but they won’t have that particular taste that the masa harina brings to this dish)

2 cups of salsa roja – I’ve included the link to my recipe for this, if you want to make your own. The salsa roja needs to be chunky and thick, not watery, and it needs to be the cooked type instead of the raw type.  This is a given if you make your own, but if you want to laze-out with this simple huevos rancheros recipe and buy a premade one, keep these two qualities in mind.

100g queso fresco (fresh cheese) – if you can’t find this, try to find any sort of white cheese you can crumble (mozzarella would probably work fine).

4 servings of refried beans for the side dish.  Making your own is going to make it taste a lot better.  If you’re going to laze-out when making this Mexican breakfast, you can find the instant, microwaveable packs of refried beans at your supermarket.

8 tbs olive oil

1 avocado – optional, but works as a tasty garnish and I recommend using it


1. Prepare the salsa roja if you’re making your own.  Also start by making your refried beans if doing so from scratch.  If you’ve bought some premade ones, then do nothing with them right now: we’ll warm those up later.

2. Deep Fry the tortillas: heat up 8 tbs of olive oil in a pan (8 tbs is an estimate here: there needs to be enough oil that you can submerge a tortilla in it to deep fry it.)  Then grab a corn tortilla and dip it in the hot oil.  Cook each side about 30 seconds.  After cooking both sides, remove to a paper toweled plate to remove excess oil.  You’re going for golden crispy tortillas here, not black fried crisp-wafer, so don’t overdo it.  Deep fry them one tortilla at a time.

3. Make the eggs: using the same hot oil, fry the eggs one at a time for 20 seconds on one side, then flip over and let fry for another 5 seconds, and then remove.  The egg yolk needs to remain tender for this breakfast huevos rancheros recipe.  Remove to paper toweled plate to remove excess oil.

4. Serve: warm up your salsa roja, warm up your refried beans, and then serve with two tortillas per plate, an egg on each tortilla, and cover the whole of each tortilla with some salsa (don’t drown it, though).  Then crumble cheese over top, add a thin slice or two of avocado to each, and then add a serving of refried beans to each plate.  Provecho!

You can now pig out with friends and family and enjoy another of the authentic Mexican breakfast recipes the world knows as huevos rancheros!  I hope you like it and I think you will because even though simple, huevos rancheros recipes pack delicious flavor and are a nice break from the palette of breakfast burritos they serve at the Tex-Mex restarants abroad. I’d like to expand my selection of recipes for authentic Mexican breakfasts on this site, perhaps doing chilaquiles next time if things go well, so please let me know if you have any requests for future recipes you’d like me to cover! I’m all ears (and tongue) when it comes to authentic Mexican recipes like huevos rancheros!

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