Recipes with Black Beans: Authentic Mexican Black Beans Soup

Recipes with black beans are everywhere in the authentic Mexican cuisine. This healthy recipe is for a very popular authentic Mexican black beans soup served as a first course in traditional Mexican restaurants, and if you’re making this recipe, you’ll find it’s just like making ordinary black beans, only you’re adding a few tortilla strips, some slices of avocado, and sprinkling fresh cheese on top. This vegetarian black bean soup recipe takes an otherwise boring staple and adds bit of excitement and flavor to the beans equation; it’s one of the most simple easy Mexican recipes I’ve ever seen; it’s healthy and can even be made into a vegan black bean soup if you just leave out the cheese, and this authentic black bean soup is versatile because it can be used as a first course, a side dish, or even a snack if you really love Mexican beans!

These recipes with black beans are much easier to make if you already have the black bean soup prepared (if you have leftovers, for example): realistically in that case, it will take 1/2 hour to make this dish. Otherwise, if you need to make the black beans, using fresh, raw beans will end up tasting better and they’re a bit more healthy, but they take hours to prepare from scratch. Most of you will probably be using the canned bean approach, which is fine because, let’s be realistic, not everybody has four hours to cook beans for making a first course like this for what is essentially an authentic Mexican bean stew, no matter how tasty they may be!  With that out of the way, let’s get cooking this tasty authentic Mexican black bean soup!

Ingredients (serves 2)

black bean soup (enough for two people, lots of water in it for the soup)

corn tortilla (one) or a hard corn tostada shells (shortcut)

avocado (small one)

chile jalapeño (one)

queso fresco (or manchego, or Monterey jack cheese)


1. Make the beans: If making a bean soup from scratch, use a lot of water so that you can serve this as a soup. If simply heating up existing beans you have or using canned beans, heat them up with a bit of added water so they become more of a soup.

2. Prepare the garnish:

If using tortillas, julienne and deep fry them: grab a tortilla and cut it into thin strips (julienne them), then deep fry them in a pan with hot oil for a few seconds per side so they become crispy (not burnt), and then remove to a paper toweled plate to remove excess oil. If you want to save time and you’re using hard tostada chips/shells, then just break those up into strips and bits.

With your avocado, cut it up into thin slices.

With your jalapeño, chop it up into thin bits. If you don’t like authentic Mexican food that is very spicy, then just use half or just a quarter of a jalapeño. But if you like your authentic Mexican recipes served true to form, use the whole chile.

Grate your cheese so you can sprinkle it.

3. Serve your bowls of bean soup: with the beans ready, serve each into a bowl, and then add your fried tortilla strips to each, your avocado slices, sprinkle on your fresh cheese, and then finish each with a few slices of avocado. Provecho!

Authentic Mexican black beans soups like this are commonly served in Mexico for lunch: you’ll go out to a little street restaurant or a family’s little walk-in casa restaurant and they’ll start by serving you Mexican beans while you wait for your order to be made, as a sort of first course. Other times, these recipes with black beans are simply served as a side dish to the main course of whatever delicious Mexican food you’ve ordered.  And if you hang out it Mexico long enough, you’ll probably even see this dish served as a Mexican black bean breakfast.  Any way you slice it, if you like simple black bean recipes and you like authentic Mexican food, I think you’ll really like this dish!

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    By the way, that is not my photo of these Mexican beans in the recipe ^ I didn’t take my own of this dish this time, so I’m having to use this one as a substitute. This particular recipe for black bean soup will look a little different from the beans pictured above, specifically in that we will have slices of avocado in our soup and it won’t have the cilantro garnish you see above, unless you add it in of course. Cheers! -Carlos

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