Mexican Beans Recipe: Refried Beans

Refried beans are found all over in Mexico, in traditional and modern dishes, and are one of most famous Mexican beans recipes.  In authentic Mexican food, black beans (frijoles negros) are used in the dish, although you’ll sometimes see pinto beans used.  Regardless of the type of bean, refried beans are made by taking very well-done cooked beans and mashing them, to achieve their final, sering consistency.  You can mash up the bare beans and serve them like that, but we’re going to add some extra flavor with some Mexican chorizo meat in this recipe to enhance the taste.

Mexican beans: refried beans cooked

If I had to come up with another name for these Mexican beans, I’d call them “super fried, messed up, smush-mashed beans, that are super delicious, especially when served with some Mexican eggs and rice for breakfast.”  It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge of naming these dishes!  As far as authentic Mexican recipes go, you typically serve refried beans as the main dish along with a few smaller, more flavor dishes on the side.  If you love Mexican beans like me though, as many tend to after trying this dish!, you can just serve refried beans with a hot tortilla and perhaps some queso fresco or manchego cheese sprinkled on top, and then savor the taste.

And to clarify, in the spanish language, “re” means ‘well’, not ‘again’ like in english, so the true meaning of refried beans is really ‘well fried beans’.  And with that spanish lesson of the day, let’s learn how to cook these delicious beans from the heart of traditional Mexican food:


  • 1 chunk of chorizo (about 200g)
  • 1 bean soup (Prepared beans of the kind you prefer.  I recommend black beans.)  Use as much as you intend to serve.

Mexican beans chorizo for refried beans


Turn on medium heat to a med size pan.

We use the chorizo and put in pan to lube the pan (on oil used).  This will give flavor to the beans.  Remove wrapping from chorizo and chop up into little ground up bits and add to pan, stir it around evenly.

Fry until it’s dark and gets crispy, then drain water out of bean soup and add to pan.  Keep stirring the beans once in a while so they don’t stick to pan.

Let them fry until all the water left in the beans has evaporated and they’re bone dry.  Then mash them with a masher, and you’re done!  Just serve your delicious Mexican beans and enjoy!  Provecho!

This is one of quite a few easy Mexican beans recipes I’ve featured lately, and I like them because they’re more accessible for budding chefs and kitchen newbies alike who want to try out authentic Mexican recipes and get a taste of the cuisine without putting in a lot of time.  But regardless of your skill level in the kitchen, you’ll be able to cook this Mexican beans recipe for refried beans and be savoring its authentic taste in your own home without much effort at all.  I hope you enjoy it!

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