Shrimp Fajitas Recipe – One of Many Great Authentic Mexican Recipes

Fajitas are undoubtedly a popular Mexican meal, and when it comes to authentic Mexican recipes, they are a lot smaller than their Tex-Mex counterparts. What you’ll find at Taco Bell is going to be way bigger than almost anything rendered from an authentic Mexican fajitas recipe.

So to be clear, this recipe is for authentic Mexican shrimp fajitas. I should also note that if you visit a restaurant in Mexico, you’ll never find fajitas served all by themselves; rather they are served with side dishes like refried beans and Mexican rice, and so I recommend doing the same if you’re serving guests with this dish.

There are essentially 3 parts to making these fajitas: preparing the garnish, cooking the shrimp, and creating the salsa you add on top to finish off the flavor. Also, this dish can seem spicy thanks to the serrano pepper. So if you’re not into hot, spicy food, you can use half the amount of chile serrano listed here, or you can cut it out entirely if you prefer–it will still taste good. But keep in mind that authentic Mexican food is partially famous for its chiles, so if you haven’t sampled much Mexican food, I really recommend including the chile for the real, authentic Mexican flavor.

Ingredients (serves two):

  • 10 medium size shrimp
  • 4 tortillas
  • 1 bell pepper of any color
  • 1/2 white onion, medium size
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 chile serrano
  • some olive oil
  • worcestershire sauce (I recommend “Jugo Maggie” if you can find it)


1) Heat up a medium size pan to cook your garnish with on low-medium while you do the following:

2) Create the fajita garnish:

Cut the bell pepper into thin strips, then add to a bowl.

Cut the onion up however you like (with the 1/2 onion, I cut it into 1/4s, then into 1/8s, and then again into 1/16ths, and then you can easily separate the layers of each of those pieces to give you your final onion pieces to use for this recipe) and then put them in your bowl with the bell peppers.

Then dice up your two cloves of garlic into fine bits and add to bowl.

Take your chile serrano and cut five or six long slivers off of it–no more than 1/4 of the entire chili in total–and add them to the bowl.

Add two table spoons of olive oil to the bowl and then mix everything with a big spoon.

Then take your shrimp, peel the limbs off, pull the tail off, cut the body open down the center, and rip out the line of guts, and then place them on a separate plate.

Add three or four squirts of Jugo Maggie (or whatever brand of worcestershire sauce you’re using) to the bowl and then dump everything in that bowl into the preheated pan and sauté that mixture on medium heat until the onions are golden brown and it all smells delicious. This will take around six minutes (during which, proceed to step #3, below), and then finally add the shrimp to the pan mixture for cooking. The shrimp will cook very fast–in less than two minutes–so make sure you don’t leave them on too long and burn them.

3) For the five or six minutes the garnish is sautéing, make your Pico de Gallo salsa. When done or if 6 minutes pass first, go check your garnish and shrimp as detailed above!

4) Heat up your tortillas in a pan on the stove, then remove and take your garnish/shrimp mix from your first pan and add to each tortilla, then add some of the salsa you made to each.

And then enjoy! Provecho!  I hope you enjoy this fajitas recipe! For more delicious authentic Mexican recipes like this, just browse around the site. We work hard to update it each week with new recipes from the real Mexican cuisine we’ve come to love while traveling around this country, enjoying it’s amazing menu of food!

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