Totopos: A Mexican Chips Recipe For Fried Tortilla Chips

Here’s a super easy Mexican chips recipe to cook as a snack: in Mexico, we call these totopos, but they’ll probably make more sense to most if we just call them fried tortilla chips!

Totopos are essentially homemade nachos, and they’re a little more healthy than pre-made ones you’ll find a the grocery store because you’re not eating any preservatives with these.

If you’re in Mexico, you’ll often see these fried tortilla triangles served with refried beans, a good salsa, guacamole, or ceviche (my favorite). And I can attest to the fact that real Mexicans eat these as snack quite often, sort of like how some Americans like to snack on bread and cheese sometimes!

This is one of the easiest Mexican recipes you possibly find, so I won’t waste your time by saying any more than reminding you that if you make these fried tortilla chips, you really have to eat them the same day because they go bad quickly. Totopos taste great when they’re fresh, but they go back quickly because of the no preservatives thing. So with that caveat, here we go:

Cook Time: 10 minutes, tops

Ingredients (serves two as a snack):

6 toritllas de maiz (corn tortillas)
cooking oil

(optional, to serve the totopos with)
refried beans
or a good salsa (pico de gallo works well)


1. Take the tortillas and cut them into 1/8th “pie” slices.

2. Heat up your cooking oil in a pan, then deep fry your tortilla slices until they’re crispy (should only take about 15 seconds per side)

3. Remove them to a paper toweled plate, to remove the excess oil from each of the fried tortilla chips.

4. Sprinkle a little salt on them.

5. Enjoy!

Easy Mexican recipes don’t get much easier than this. This super simple totopos recipe should quell your nagging and Mexican-food-craving stomach when you’re about to sit down for your favorite TV show and you want something to munch on. I think you’ll love this Mexican chips recipe for fried tortilla chips if you eat them within a few hours of making them, and let me know what you think of them with a comment or a Facebook “like” below! Provecho, my authentic Mexican recipes-loving friends!

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