Mexican Quesadillas

This recipe for Mexican quesadillas is perhaps the easiest Mexican recipe in history of Mexican food. Quesadillas are like the Mexican version of grilled cheese sandwiches; just instead of using bread, we use corn tortillas!

You can think of quesadillas as Mexican appetizers or snacks, and even a lazy dinner if you make a couple extra, when you’re feeling super tired and don’t have the desire to invest any serious amount of energy delving into that traditional Mexican cookbook for something complex and time-consuming to make. You could also consider this a Mexican chicken recipe because sometimes people like to get all “fancy” and dress these up with chicken strips, which will make this a more tasty recipe, but a more involved recipe (takes longer to make), and perhaps a less authentically Mexican recipe (I find Americans tend to use the chicken in these more than Mexican seem to), so I’m going to opt for simplicity and show you the more typical, more common way that quesadillas are made and served on the menu here in Mexico. Here we go:

Cook Time: 15 minutes, realistically

Ingredients (serves 4 as a snack):

8 corn tortillas
200g manchego cheese
+ salsa verde or salsa roja (recommended, for a bit of extra flavor) or pico de gallo or an easy guacamole to dress them


  1. Start by heating up a pan (cast iron, if you have one).
  2. Cut the cheese into 8 equal portions.
  3. Make your salsa of choice (recommendations above, in the ingredients section).
  4. Heat up your tortillas one at a time in the pan, then add the cheese to the tortilla in said pan, then fold the tortilla over in half to make it into a sort of 1/2 tortilla cheese sandwich, and let it cook until the cheese has melted inside.
  5. Remove, serve with your salsa of choice on top, and enjoy another of your masterfully and super easily cooked Mexican appetizers from the chilango cuisine.

Mexican quesadillas like these are very easy to make and they’re a tasty little treat you can make in a short amount of time, perfect for serving guests who just happen to pop in or for whipping up for kids as a little after school snack if they like authentic Mexican recipes. Until next time, keep experimenting in the kitchen, keep testing out new Mexican food recipes, and I’ll be back here again very soon with another tasty authentic Mexican dish for you in no time! -Carlos

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