The Best Guacamole Recipe In The World

I know that’s a bold statement, but this is a bold recipe, perhaps the best guacamole recipe in the world, according to my Mexican friends! You can follow this easy guacamole recipe and make the delicious Mexican dip in ten minutes or less, it’s versatile because you can serve it with just about any authentic Mexican recipes that come to mind, and I mean come on: it’s guacamole! What’s not to love about it!

Some fast facts about Mexico’s most famous dip (that’s right: dip–it is not considered a salsa by Mexicans):

  • You will find simple guacamole recipes like this at different types of taco stands all throughout Mexico.
  • Guacamole can be a snack or served as an appetizer, or served as a side dish for a main course.
  • It’s used in tacos all the time, in fajitas, great with burritos, works well as a dip for nachos.
  • This Mexican authentic guacamole recipe is perfect those who don’t like hot salsas because traditional guacamole isn’t spicy; on the contrary, it soothes the tongue with the smooth, cool texture of avocados!

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Ingredients (serves three as a dip for nachos or totopos):

avocado (three small or two big)
tomato (roman, one)
lime (three, medium size)
1/4 medium white onion
salt to taste
pepper to taste


Mash the avocados in a bowl.

Thinly chop the tomato, the onion, and add them to the bowl with the avocado.

Squeeze your three limes over it all.

Salt and pepper to taste, then mix the entire guacamole mixture well, and provecho!

There’s contention among my chilango amigos over whether this really is the best guacamole recipe on the planet, but I wanted to share their side of the store with you here with this recipe. My friends who disagree claim that this other recipe I’ve shared is closer to being the best guacamole recipe in the world because it includes cilantro, which is “holy and sacred” for them in an authentic Mexican recipe for guacamole, instead of the tomato. Either way, I’ve never been one to take sides when it comes to food; I say try them both and see which one you prefer. They’re both freaking delicious, and they’re both easy guacamole recipes you can make in 10 minutes when you have the ingredients you need. So test them yourself and let me know what you think! Provecho, my authentic Mexican food-loving friend!

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