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Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipe: Salsa Roja de Molcajete (Handmade Mexican Red Salsa)

This is a classic version of the authentic Mexican salsa recipe known as salsa roja de molcajete. For the gringos, this is Mexican red salsa you make by using a molcajete (aka: a pestle and mortar.) You can prepare this salsa using a modern blender, but using the molcajete yields a different flavor that many […]

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Authentic Mexican Salsa Taquera Recipe

Salsa Taquera is a Mexican salsa recipe you’ll find at nearly every single taco stand in Mexico. This very common salsa is the offspring of Mexico City street vendor culture, and it has evolved and spread throughout the country to the point today where nearly every taco vendor in Mexico serves some variation of this […]

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