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Authentic Sincronizadas recipe

Here’s an authentic sincronizadas recipe to whip up as a quick Mexican snack. Sincronizadas are little thin flour tortilla-sandwich traditional Mexican appetizers with cheese and ham that are very easy to make. They are almost identical to quesadillas, with their main difference being that sincronizadas include ham in addition to the cheese that a quesadilla has. […]

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Mexican Appetizers: Shrimp Ceviche (Ceviche de Camarones)

Ceviche is one of the most popular Mexican appetizers you will come across in the coastal regions of Mexico.  It’s a refreshing, spicy dish that can be made with many different types of seafood, but shrimp ceviche is one of the most popular: raw shrimp cooked by lime juice and marinated with onion, tomato, chile, […]

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