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Authentic Mexican Fajita Recipe: Mahi Mahi Fish Fajitas (Fajitas de Pescado)

I’ve been hanging out in Puerto Vallarta lately, trying to find a good Mexican fajita recipe that uses fish, to share here. Finally, I crossed paths with this delicious mahi mahi fish fajita recipe that I’ve fairly certain is going to blow your freaking Mexican-food-loving socks off! These fajitas are good for vegetarians because these […]

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Chicken Fajitas Recipe – The Authentic Mexican Version

In the typical chicken fajitas recipe you find in Mexican restaurants around the world, you’ll find a lot of fatty cheeses and usually quite a bit of sour cream.  Outside Mexico, fajitas are more often prepared in the American “Tex-Mex” cuisine style, but inside the real Mexico, fajitas recipes emphasize fresh ingredients and layers of delicious […]

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