Authentic Mexican Recipes: Authentic Pescado Frito recipe

Pescado frito is one of the few authentic mexican fish recipes you’ll find in every coastal town restaurant in Mexico. Whether you visit the lowest shack on the beach or the most upscale restaurant, you will find a pescado frito recipe served. This Mexican fried fish recipe is often served using different types of fish, and the quality of that fish is what will vary from that little beach shack to the fancy restaurant–the little shack will use local catch, the upscale restaurant will likely use sea bass or red snapper–but aside from that, pescado frito is almost identical everywhere you eat.  If you have some fish you want to use for dinner, this is a tasty way of preparing an authentic pescado frito recipe. I notice many Mexican tourists at restaurants asking how to make Mexican fried fish, but I’ll show you in this authentic Mexican recipe that it’s actually very easy. Just keep in mind that for this dish to work at all, the fish must be fresh.

Cooking time: 1 hour

Ingredients (serves 4):

For the side dishes:

– 4 portions of rice (serve whatever kind you prefer, although white rice is definitely the most common type served with this dish)
– 4 small green salads (typically served with this dish): use romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions.

For the main dish:

– salt
– 2 garlic cloves
– 9 limes
– 1 lemon
– worcestershire sauce (I recommend Jugo Maggie if you can find it)
– black pepper
– corn tortillas (if you can find those, then use flour tortillas)
– healthy cooking oil (your choice: soy, olive, canola… whatever you prefer)
– and 4 fresh fish, about 3/4 lb each (400g), using red snapper for the pescado frito or sea bass for the best taste, or else local catch (what I’m using this time)


1. Start making your rice for this authentic Mexican recipes dish.

2. Prepare the fish: Clean them really well (removing scales, guts, and blood… I know: your appetite is through the roof right now, isn’t it? hahaha)

Then make three cuts into the body of the fish, vertically.  These will allow the fish to marinate better, and they’ll make it easier to eat the fish later on.

3. Marinate the fish: Thinly chop the garlic and place inside the cuts you just made in the sides of the fish.  Create a marination with four shots of worcestershire sauce, the juice from one lemon and one lime, and place this in a tray with the fish for a few minutes to let it marinate.  Now sprinkle black pepper onto the fish, with the fish still marinating.

4. Fry the fish: Start by heating up a pan with oil: use a pan big enough to fit the entire body of your pescado frito fish, and use enough oil to be able to submerge the fish halfway.  Heat the oil until hot and to point where it starts to bubble, but not much more: you don’t want the oil to be too hot, so if it starts bubbling intensely, turn the heat down a bit.

Place each fish, one at a time, in the pan.  Cook each side of the fish for 1 min, then turn.  Using a for to open up the fish a bit, check to see if the fish is cooked before you remove it from the pan.  If it needs more time, let it cook a little longer until it’s cooked.  You can tell it’s done when the outside of the fish should gets crispy. Remove them to paper toweled plate.

5. Make your salad: shred the romaine lettuce thinly, slice the onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and place a few slices of tomato, of cucumber, and a few onion ring slices, on top of the salad.

6. Serve on a plate with the rice, the salad, and place the fish once the oil has absorbed off of it.  Serve each plate with two wedges of lime: one for the fish, one for the salad.  Mexicans don’t use dressing on the salad for this dish, so the dressing is simply going to be a bit of salt and some lime juice.  If you want, you can warm up some tortillas to go with this dish–very common in Mexico: they eat tortillas with almost everything, and this dish is no exception.  You can also serve this dish with a bit of your favorite seafood sauce; Mexicans use a sauce like “Huichol”, to go with the fish:

7. Enjoy the spoils of your hard work!  This pescado frito recipe goes well with a light beer and is best enjoyed with a few good friends.  A tip for eating this: if you separate the meat from the body of the fish carefully, you’ll keep more of the little bones attached to the fish and out of your fork-full and, therefore, your mouth!  So by eating this carefully, I think you’ll enjoy this more.  This authentic pescado frito recipe makes a delicious dish, I hope you like it, and click the “like” button below if you’d like to see some more authentic Mexican recipes on here that involve seafood!  Until the next recipe, provecho!

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