Finding The Best Regional Authentic Mexican Recipes: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone And Eat Like A Local

If you travel around Mexico, you’ll see that authentic Mexican recipes are highly regionalized, with certain x only being served in specific parts of the country, and different parts of the country having distinct “food reputations”.  For example, some people think the state of Jalisco doesn’t have much to offer in the way of unique food, besides tequila.  But some states do offer more gastronomical diversity than others.  Jalisco would be at the low end of the scale, and Oaxaca would likely head the upper end of the spectrum.

Authentic Mexican recipes regional ingredients

With that said, the main differences between each regional cuisine mostly have to do with how the dish is prepared, not so much with the overall dishes that are appear on menus.  Of course there are entire dishes unique to some areas of Mexico, but for the bulk of the cuisine, the food served in the country is relatively ubiquitous throughout the states: whether you’re in D.F. or Guadalajara, Los Cabos, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Cancoon, TJ, or Juarez, you’re going to find the same Mexican culinary staples wherever you are.

authentic Mexican recipes tacos

This is great news for both the die hard “cuisiner” and more casual fans of Mexican food.  For the casual diners traveling in Mexico, your favorite dishes probably lie in mainstream Mexican cuisine with taco recipes and Mexican beans and such, which you’ll find wherever you are in the country.  For those who are truly in love with the cuisine and have to discover that perfect mole sauce or that amazing chicken enchilada recipe, or those who just like the experience of eating at the hole in the wall places that serve the best local secrets, you get to explore the country and eat your way along the journey finding those region specialized Mexican chicken recipes, or whatever it is that wets your Chilango palette!

So tacos are tacos, throughout the country, but the meat served inside of them varies from place to place.  Mole can be found all over the country, but the ingredients used in this intricate recipe changes from place to place.  Wherever you go, you’ll find that the food changes along with the geography, and as diverse s land as Mexico is, if you dig deep and get to know the locals–especially then–they’ll show you the diverse foodscape and you will get a much deeper experience of authentic Mexican recipes.

authentic Mexican recipes street stand food

This brings up an important point: if you’re just cruising through the country, you’re going to miss most of the cuisine, especially if you’re dining at the bright and flashy restaurants along the way.  To get to know this cuisine takes a commitment to push yourself out of your comfort zone and venture into where the locals eat–something I see few foreigners do in this country, and it’s a real shame because that is where the proverbial pot of delicious authentic Mexican cuisine gold lies.  My favorite dishes I’ve at in this country have been from little, weird restaurants run by a family along the street, usually, that’s been cooking this special Mexican recipe for generations and it’s where a ton of the locals eat but very, very few foreigners eat, probably out of intimidation because it’s unfamiliar to them… and as I said, it’s a shame because this is where the true heart of the cuisine lies!

authentic Mexican recipes street vendor

So if you do get a chance to visit Mexico, or any country really, and you want to get a taste of the country’s true cuisine and the best of it, do as the locals do and go eat where they eat!  And if you’re not planning on taking a trip to Mexico any time soon and you’re browsing this for some authentic Mexican recipes to make at home, then just have a look around this site; I’ve been posting the very best traditional Mexican recipes I’ve been finding lately, right here for you guys to cook at home!  Until next time, happy cooking, authentic Mexican food lovers!

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