About Us

Hello there! I’m Carlos, one of the co-founders of this site.  The authentic Mexican recipes site is a collaborative work of love of a few people: some who are Mexican and grew up in the country, and others who have been traveling around Mexico for the past few years and fell in love with the rich cuisine along the way.

We’ve been collecting our favorite authentic Mexican recipes over the years from friends, restaurants, street vendors–anybody with a great recipe that we try.  Having been doing this for a while now, we figure it’s pointless to keep these great recipes to ourselves, so now we are sharing them with you, here, with this little site! We hope you enjoy Mexico’s gift to the world as much as we do!

We’re always adding new authentic Mexican recipes to this site, so be sure to check back often.

Also, if you have a request for a Mexican recipe that we’re not yet featuring on our site here, then contact us through the link above with your suggestion and we might be able to test out the recipe and share it if it’s good!

Thanks for visiting the site; I hope it serves you well.


-Carlos Lima